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KR-6401-BK Chocolate Key Style New Slim Keyboard

Right off the bat, this is a pretty slick-looking keyboard. Styling is very minimal, with the emphasis being on the clean lines that define this keyboard. It is light, and with it's rather diminutive size, would make this a great traveling companion in a laptop bag.

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Despite it's overall good looks, there are a few shortcomings in the details that might keep the KR-6401 from attaining the same level of style and quality associated with Apple's products. First, the printing on the keycaps is somewhat "blurry." It appears as if the printing machine smudged the printing ever-so-slightly during the manufacturing process. In fact, it looks much like the laser-etching on my Cherry G80-3000. Something else that caught my attention was the how the keyboard rested on its rubber feet. The KR-6401 is slightly elevated, and due to the thickness of the keyboard, or lack thereof, and the softness of the rubber feet (which are quite good at keeping the it place, by the way), the 'board tends to flex a little in the middle. This is certainly not a showstopper, nor does it really impact typing performance, but it could lower the perception of quality in a user's mind.

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