Warranty Information

1 Year I-ROCKS USA Limited Warranty

I-ROCKS USA warrants that ALL products manufactured by I-ROCKS will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. The warrantyperiod for I-ROCKS product you purchased is one year beginning on the date of the invoice, subject to the conditions and limitationsdescribed below. This warranty applies to original purchases made in the United States or Canada. Merchandise purchased for the purposeof resale is not covered under this warranty; nor is this warranty transferable.

This limited warranty covers normal use. The limited warranty does not cover damage resulting from improper packing during shipment,damage during shipment, damage caused by failure to provide a suitable installation or operating environment for the product and/oraccessories; damage caused by impact with other objects, dropping, falls, spilled liquids or immersion in liquids; Year 2000 problems causedby non-I-ROCKS USA products, software, or accessories; servicing not authorized by I-ROCKS USA, usage not in accordance with productinstructions, failure to perform required preventive maintenance, accident, abuse, misuse, neglect, natural disasters such as flood, fire,earthquake or lightening, problems with electrical power such as power surges and problems caused by use of parts, components, servicesor software not supplied by I-ROCKS USA. Warranty coverage will not apply in the event the serial number, unit number or rating label hasbeen removed, altered or defaced.

During the warranty period, I-ROCKS USA will, at its option, repair or replace defective or damaged products returned to I-ROCKS USA'sfacility upon its return to I-ROCKS USA's facility. Requests for warranty service can be made by calling our RMA Department. When calling thisdepartment, have the following information available: customer number, order number, serial number, a description of the problem and theI-ROCKS USA part number. Valid proof of the date of original consumer purchase, including the serial number of the product, may berequired before warranty service is provided. If our technician determines that a warranted product or part is defective and that either arepair is necessary or that a replacement product or part is required, you will be given a Return Material Authorization ("R.M.A.") number forthe return of the defective product or part. This number must be clearly marked on the outside of the original packaging, prior to return. Thedefective product or part must be received in the factory within fifteen (15) days in order to allow repair or replacement service to you. Thedefective product should be shipped to us freight prepaid and insured using the original box and packing materials (or equivalent packagingobtained from I-ROCKS USA). Shipment of the repaired or replaced product or part will be I-ROCKS USA's responsibility. Before you ship theproduct(s) to I-ROCKS USA for repair, please make sure you obtain a RMA number issued by I-ROCKS USA. If you have any questions, call I-ROCKS USA for assistance. I-ROCKS USA uses new and reconditioned parts made by I-ROCKS manufacturer in performing warranty repairsand building replacement products. If I-ROCKS USA repairs or replaces a product, its warranty term is not extended past the original terms.


I-ROCKS USA provides a range of basic technical support options for I-ROCKS products you purchased via a variety of on-line, automatedresponse and technician supported methods. Using one of these methods, I-ROCKS USA will help you find out the problem on yourcomputer using I-ROCKS products and repair or replace any defective parts at no additional charge for one (1) year from the date of shipment. Many of these technical support options are availableto you for a variety of other issues without charge. I-ROCKS USA will inform you before it provides you with technical support for which afee will be charged. I-ROCKS USA may change the means through which it provides technical support at any time. I-ROCKS USA does not provide free product installation or customization, orsupport for any other accessories, including software, or any products purchased from third party vendors.

Warranties do not apply to components that fail, or are damaged as the result of, but not limited to: Misuse.

  1. Mishandling.
  2. Improper handling or improper installation of any component by the consumer.
  3. Acts of God, including but not limited to lightening, flood, earthquake, hurricanes etc.
  4. Static electricity damage.
  5. Users failure to provide a clean, adequately ventilated area for any I-ROCK USA products.
  6. Lack of user or consumer maintenance.