About Us


I-Rocks Technology is engaged in manufacture and export in computer peripherals for over 13 years, product lines include input and storage devices.

With a Taiwan-based R&D team and advanced facilities in Mainland China, we are dedicated to the development of innovative products and services that expand the frontier of technology, while simultaneously bringing improvements in quality, reliability and cost to our customers worldwide.

Code of Conduct

Here is how our philosophy goes:

  • Enjoy
  • A cool place to work
  • Creative + talented + hard-working people = Tip-top teamwork
  • Perform at our very best for every client
  • Employees own the process and result of each champion product
  • Insistence of prompt, accurate, efficient service for our clients
  • Our reputation is more important than a short term win; Golden rule
  • Be honest with clients and employees
  • Enjoy

Through leadership and honesty, we are assembled one of the industry's most unique and productive teams. We have happy employees wich results in happy customers.


I-Rocks is dedicated to achieving excellence in computer peripherals, contributing to I-Rocks' overall viability and leadership to provide quality, service and competitive pricing to our customers while maintaining safe and environmentally sound workplace which upholds I-Rocks reputation as a responsible corporate citizen.


To be the most innovative, advanced and the largest peripheral provider.