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IR-7220 Cross-Direction Optical Mouse
Using the scroll button and Cross-Directional scroll feature while working in an MS Excel spreadsheet showed just how handy this feature can be when used in the correct application...
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The I-Rocks IR-7220 Beetle is quite responsive. Light weight and very comfortable to use, it should be a "must have" item for anybody with small hands that find some larger mice cumbersome.
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The mouse functions well, tracks very well on pretty much all surfaces that an optical mouse should, and has most of the functionality of its bigger counterparts. The scroll wheel feels nice, with clicks to alert you of your use, as well as a wheel button which is probably the coolest part of the mouse (although it is a software-enabled feature). The Beetle comes with a mini-cd of drivers and the default functionality of the middle button is to zoom in, much like a compu-magnifying glass. The scroll wheel also allows you to rock left and right in order to scroll left and right. The right and left-click buttons are by no means spectacular, but get the job done.
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