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IR-7100 Small Optical Mouse
Just as advertised, I found the IR-7100 to be a great mouse for travel and notebook use. The small mouse can literally be stored anywhere - even a shirt pocket! The 800DPI optical sensor provided smooth tracking, while the 50-inch cord allowed for a wide range of motion. More importantly, the IR-7100 successfully operated on a variety of surfaces: mouse pads, manila folders, and even directly upon a polished table.
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The I-Rocks IR-7300 and 7100 offer good performance for what they are, very reasonably priced optical mice. They look nice and perform well, but lack some of the features higher priced mice like sport, such as extra programmable buttons. They also lack that durable feel that many higher priced mice have. If your budget is of utmost concern, and you need performance but not a lot of buttons, the I-Rocks mice are just what the Doctor ordered.
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This feather-light mouse glides effortlessly across the mouse paThursday, March 2, 2006resolution. The Mouse supports both Windows and the Mac OS, and comes bundled with a floppy disk, of all things, containing Windows driver software and a USB - PS2 interface adapter, both of which Mac users can ignore. The basic left/right click and scroll wheel functions are supported by drivers built into OS X, so it's a true plug & play proposition for Mac users.
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