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KR-6810 X-Slim Keyboard
If you want to give your system a little extra style, this keyboard is perfect. It's very comfortable to type on, and the Blue EL light against the ivory white case gives it just a little extra flash...
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I am a fervent believer that there is a perfect keyboard out there for everyone. No matter what you want out of a keyboard, you are not alone and chances are someone has designed the keyboard for you.
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The keyboard layout is similar to that of a notebook keyboard. Even the keystrokes feel like that of a notebook keyboard. I really love the way the keys feel and respond. It actually makes typing enjoyable again. Luminescent keyboards are awesome.
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After several months of daily use, the KR-6810 has become a favorite amongst typists around here. It has a solid feel, good audible and tactile feedback without being annoying. The USB interface is welcome, and worked with all our machines, including Dell laptops, docking stations, and even KVM switches too. In complete darkness, the illumination of the EL backlight provided just enough light to help the user identify keys being pressed, without being too bright.
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